From the Recorder: Steph & I Talk October #1s

Another dispatch from the Addison Recorder, wherein Steph and I look back at some of the new #1 comic book issues that were released in late September through October. I learned very quickly that a lot of books have problems with a #1 issue — they spend so much time with setup, introductions, and exposition that the issue is usually over just as you get into it. That said, I was very pleasantly surprised by the new mini-series Butterfly, from Archaia. My favorite of the month.

From the Recorder: Hannibal meets American Football

Historically accurate representation of the 2014 U. of Michigan football program.

Over at the Addison Recorder, Bean invites me to assist with his weekly NCAA football pick ’em. I make a lot of references to the Punic Wars, he adds a lot of gifs from the Hannibal TV series. We’re serious prognosticators, don’t ya know.