Fast Forward One Year

I sit at our new computer desk, listening to a shuffling playlist while the laptop downloads the newest OS, and I wonder what to do about all the written and unpublished stuff on said laptop. I wonder about that because I’m updating the OS, which always gives me slight anxiety around all our files, most of which are either my words or Steph’s pictures.

Some of those words find publication, though it’s very much a tip/iceberg ratio. Steph and I use shared documents to collaborate on our J&STAC columns for the Addison Recorder. This blog was meant to be a clearinghouse for a lot of the random (often game-related) words, for the content that wasn’t a fit at the Recorder or other places. But then I started mixing in freelance and other blog work, and the purpose became muddled.

I was writing 10,000 words a month for the Recorder, so I started using this site to promote that — but Twitter seemed a better avenue for that.

I was going to potentially write on tabletop game topics for another site, so I stopped doing so here — but then communication with the other site disappeared.

I was going to start posting stuff I’ve been working on in the meantime — but then I don’t know if it would be better suited for pitching to other sites or publications. (While I consider myself a savvy wordsmith, I consider myself quite naive on freelancing and the related industries.)

Meanwhile, waiting around to hear back or figure out what I should do just causes this blog to sit around unused, which defeats the above-stated purpose. So I might as well start publishing stuff here while I wait.

Speaking of, the download for the new OS is ready. Time to shrug in the face of anxiety and hit the button.