Cleric Domain: Beer OR Sacred Waters

On the first day of Cleric-mas, my GM gave to me:
Beer … (in a tree)

Those words, paraphrased from the Wise Brothers McKenzie, open the first day of Cleric-mas. I’ve started with the domain that I created for the Midgard one-shot at ValorCon Chicago, as that’s what got this whole idea moving along. Since most 13th Age cleric domains use two possible descriptors, I’ve done the same here. In addition, I’ve posted a new 1st-level spell, anoint, that fits with the domain’s ability.

The All-Important “OR”

The “beer” part of this domain has a long history with clerics, both fictional and historical. The Midgard Campaign Setting book also has a great description of the libationary side of this domain, along with the Midgard deities associated with it.

In 13th Age tradition, though, the domain can also be used for clerics whose patron is associated with holy, sacred, or blessed waters. In popular culture, one might think of the sacred waters of Galadriel. In Midgard, there are plenty of opportunities for the non-alcoholic side of this domain: it could invoke the Lady of Tears (Hecate); it could be drawn from the shores of Styx or Lethe, or the banks of the River Nuria; perhaps it is drawn from the golden tears of Freyja (Porevit) or from a secret well of the Baba Yaga

In fact, the player at ValorCon Chicago blended these ideas together — he was the best brewer between Old Margrave and the Wasted West, but he had a secret ingredient: sacred water stolen from a spring belonging to the Baba Yaga.

Without further adieu, here is the domain he used in play:

Blessings & Fermentations

As a cleric of this domain, you keep your party hale and hearty. Your deity helps you not to heal or prevent damage, but to fortify your fellow adventurers against the bruises and conditions of an adventuring life. This domain does have a dark edge, displayed by those who sully sacred springs or imbibe too much. This this darker reflection is what you inflict upon your opponents as they try to harm your merry band.

Domain: Beer OR Sacred Waters

You gain resist poison 16+. Once per battle as a free action, you can disorient your opponents. Until the start of your next turn, all nearby enemies suffer an attack penalty equal to your Constitution modifier (double your modifier if the enemy is staggered).

Invocation of Fermentation: This domain requires a standard action to invoke. When you do, you may immediately cast (as a free action) a prepared daily spell that grants temporary hit points or a defense bonus; this action does not expend that spell. For the rest of this battle, you and your nearby allies gain a bonus equal to your Constitution modifier when rolling a save to end a condition effect.

Adventurer Feat: When you invoke this domain, you can instead choose to cast a qualifying spell that you’ve already expended. (It remains expended after you cast it.)

Champion Feat: Once per round, you or a nearby ally can make the save for a save ends effect immediately before their turn instead of at the end of the turn.

Epic Feat: As a standard action, you can cast a second spell with the invocation ability during that battle.

Through the Bottom of a Glass

Initially I wanted to ensure that a first-level Beer/Sacred Waters cleric could use the invocation to cast bless, but that got messy. Because it will come up with at least one spell I’m introducing, I’ll state it here: if a spell does not grant the defense bonus or temporary hp immediately upon casting, it does not qualify for the invocation.

But if you want a 1st-level cleric spell that does qualify (if you take the adventurer feat), check out the other post from today. Anoint allows you to turn a potion into a spell, and potentially enhances it depending on your domain.

As for this post, let me know your thoughts in the comments. In the meantime, it’s time for the required words:

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