Cleric Spell: Anoint

We’ll stay out ’til 4:00 and we’ll get into fights, 
With a bottle to show you just how…

Initially, I planned on including spells and domains in the same post for Cleric-mas, but I realized that the upcoming summon spells will require a LOT of text. Plus, having the anoint spell as its own post gives me an excuse to use The Malört Song as an epigraph.

The adventurer feat for the anoint spell presages a trend you’ll see through a lot of the spells I’m posting for Cleric-mas. In the 13th Age Monthly issue about summoning spells, the designers introduced feats that key off a cleric’s domain choices. I ran with this idea as a way to further define the relationship between domains and spells.

As for this particular spell, it works best with clerics who focus on the domains of beer, potions, or healing. It enhances a potion in your inventory and turns it into a spell.

1st Level Spell


Close-quarters spell • Daily

Effect: You can cast this spell for power or for broad effect.

Cast for power: One nearby ally gains the benefit of an adventurer-tier potion in your inventory. Roll a hard save; on a success you benefit from the effects of the potion, as well.

Cast for broad effect: Up to three nearby creatures (including you) gain lesser benefits of a single potion in your inventory. Healing potions use your recovery to power them, and only heal half hp (round down); all other potions with lasting effects require a hard save to sustain, rolled at the start of your turn.

3rd level spell — you can re-roll one failed save for this spell
5th level spell — you can also choose from champion-tier potions in your inventory.
7th level spell — the saves are now normal (11+).
9th level spell — you can also choose from epic-tier potions in your inventory.

Adventurer Feat: If you have the Alchemy/Potions domain, you automatically succeed on your save roll when you cast for power; you do not expend the potion if you cast it for broad effect. If you have the Beer/Sacred Waters domain, targets also gain temporary hp (1d6 per spell level when cast for power, 1d3 per spell level if cast for broad effect.) If you have the Healing domain, any recoveries used for this spell are free recoveries.

Champion Feat: You can instead choose a healing, resistance, or salvation potion at the appropriate tier, even if you don’t have one in in your inventory. (If you choose a resistance potion, you also choose the type of energy it resists.)

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