Cleric Domain: Clockwork OR Artifice

Turn, you tiny engines;
Let your faith be the power that turns the coils of my everwound springs.
Turn, my adventurers!
Turn me on!

Uff da. This has been a big gap between days 1 and 2. Every project hitting deadline at the same time at the dayjob will do that, I guess. In ‘celebration’ of my recent spate of over-working myself, I’m presenting the most industrious of cleric domains for Day 2: Clockwork OR Artifice!

Always Turning, Always Moving

Of all the domains I’m posting for Cleric-mas, this one initially seems the the most niche. If you’re playing in Midgard, a Clockwork/Artifice cleric in Zobeck or the Cantons will find their domain in high demand. Likewise for a setting focused on ancient tech, or a game where a metalsmith or armorer plays an important role. And I notice that a certain living dungeon in the core 13th Age setting sure likes constructs…

Even in prehistoric F20 settings, where gears and golems might not be as prevalent, there is still technology and artifice. Someone is going to put a metal spike in a piece of wood, they’re going to put plants and seeds between grindstones, or build a better way to catch food. Plus, what deity in any age wouldn’t want carven images they could inhabit or breath life into?

Setting aside, there is one big benefit to taking this domain that are independent of your world’s level of technology. Since many traps and locks might involve moving parts, a Clockwork/Artifice cleric can be a stand-in for a party’s rogue.

Another benefit is that this domain provides exclusive access to two summon spells: summon clockwork archon and summon Saint of Rava. Both of these spells will have their own posts, and can only be cast by Clockwork/Artifice clerics. But for now, the domain:

Gears, Gears, and More Gears

Clerics of this domain are in perpetual motion, even when seemingly at rest. You are a model of efficiency and ingenuity, and you confer the blessings of gods of industry and the ticking tock of time. You can call up constructs as allies, and confuse those constructs arrayed against you.

Domain: Clockwork OR Artifice

If your skill check involves machines, gears, constructs, or metal-working, and it is a natural even failure, you can reroll the skill check once. When a construct’s attack roll versus your AC is a natural odd roll, you can force the construct to reroll the attack once.

In addition, you gain exclusive access to the summon spells summon clockwork archon and summon Saint of Rava.

Invocation of Gears: You and your allies can, once this battle each, give up a move action on your turn to gain an additional standard action. This additional standard action cannot be used to make an attack.

Champion Feat: You gain a +4 to skill checks related to this domain. When you hit a construct with a natural attack roll of 16+, it becomes confused (save ends).

Epic Feat: You gain resist damage 12+. All your saving throws against ongoing damage are easy saves.

Turning Dials to See the Future

While I do present is as “not too niche,” I do wonder if the ability is too focused. Would it be better with a free spell slot at the character’s level which must be used for a domain summoning spell, or is that too much? I’m leaving this section for any updates I make to this spell. And to call out the inspiration for this post’s epigraph. Otherwise, the only thing left to do is add the required words:

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