Talking 13th Age on the Modifier Podcast!

Hey, look! I’m on a podcast that came out today, talking about hacking, modding, and drifting the 13th Age system and setting! The host, Meghan Dorbrock, is a great interviewer who got me talking (a lot), and our cats added background ambiance.

Modding 13th Age

During┬áthe discussion, I mention that I need to do a better job taking things from Scrivener and my notebooks and putting them here. As such, here’s what’s on tap:

Crafting Scarecrows

A follow-up to the Kostroma post, looking at the process & inspirations behind creating stat blocks for scarecrows and effigies. The question of, how do we want players to feel as they’re fighting the monster? (to quote the 13th Age GM’s Resource Book)

More Monster Groups

Insect swarms, cyclopes, and teratorns (giant birds). The cyclopes entry is something I really enjoyed coming up with, as I feel it highlights another design/mod question — how does this monster fit into this specific world?

The Alchemist Class

I still want more playtesting for the actual rules, but I can post the concept and mechanics as they’re pretty far along. I’d describe it as the opposite side of the same coin as the Druid class. I’ve also written up an NPC that is set up in a general support configuration, kind of like a Zenyatta character (yes, I’ve recently been introduced to Overwatch).

Non-13th Age Stuff

There’s a Mythos scenario skeleton that’s been in draft for over a while; Ghatanothoa cult meets the Teapot Dome scandal is┬áthe elevator pitch. Oh, and there’s something that’s in the works for the new Reflections RPG…