RPG Artifacts: the Anti-Life Symbol


I’ve been surprised how much I’ve enjoyed creating material for 13th Age games. It’s as though, after decadesĀ of supernatural and horror-based RPGs, my brain is throwing out all the fantasy & myth ideasĀ it’s been saving up. Not surprisingly, the influence of darker RPGs still pokes through, as evidenced by a cursed magical item I created for a recent campaign.

True magic items in 13th Age are meant to be rare and priceless, even though the canonic world of the game is one of prevalent magic. How free that magic is, or who controls & directs such magic, is a common point of tension and narrative hooks. This item subverts that idea a bit. Continue reading  

Monstrous Dramaturgy: Five Hooks for the Hodag

You! You look like a fine GM, a man or woman of cultivated tastes who runs only the choicest role-playing games in the horror, supernatural, or related genre. This means, naturally, that you are always on the lookout for interesting and compelling monsters for your game. In that vein, I have one question for you:

Hast thou considered the hodag?


No? Well, then I invite you to read on, and take a gander at the five options laid out below for using this cryptozoological critter in your next game of supernatural horror. Continue reading